10 steps to the first guide

Das Gosu LogoYou play a game and know everything about it, it’s heroes, their abilities and items? You know secrets and tricks, are informed about solutions for technical difficulties or just want to guide a way for newcomers?

In that case the Gosu-guide-system offers a wide range of possibilities to create and share guides and short tips in a modern fashion.

This tutorial prepares you best for your first guide on Gosuguides.net.

1. Your account and profile

At first you need a completely free Gosuguides.net user account. You can register yourself here (but keep in mind, that you have to click the activation link in the mail afterwards, in order to use all features von Gosuguides.net!).

Hint: If you have a Youtube, Twitch, Twitter or Facebook account, you will be able to promote your social media channels perfectly. Enter your social media links at your profile in order to have automatic links to them in each of your guides

2. How to create your first guide

There are two ways to reach the Create-a-guide-form:

Option 1: You directly click the “New Guide” link in the main menu on top of the page.


Directly click “New Guide” in the main menu.

Option 2: You enter the game-hub-website for the specific game and click “Write a guide”


3. The “Create a guide”-form

Once you selected a game on the “Create a Guide”-website, a form appears that allows you to create the guide. On the top of the page the name of the game, a cover and a backgrund image tell you which game your guide will belong too, once you submitted it. If the game does not fit, go back and seek the right one.

3.1 Premium features (just a few selected games)

Some games offer premium guide features. You can use them, but you don’t have to.


Within Diablo 3 for example, the premium guide feature allows you to select specific skills and items, which makes writing a guide for that game extremely easy. If you don’t need a build or items for your Diablo 3 guide, feel free to ignore it.

Ordinary guides, tips, tricks, advices, tutorials and similar submissions can be created for every game possible.

Premium games in contrast offer additional options like the ability to choose skills and items. If a game offers premium guide features, a specific notification will remind you. Just click that button and you’re good to go.


Diablo 3 offers premium guide features, which allow you to easily create complete character builds including skills, items, paragon-distribution and so on.

3.2 The Title

The title of your guide is more important than you may think. It should represent the content of your guide very briefly.

The name of the game you are writing a guide for is always placed prior to your title.


The more precise your title is, the better your guide will be found by users. The amount of clicks for your guide directly depends on your title!

Example: Diablo 3 Season Journey Achievements Guide – Season 4

The reader knows right away, what game the guide is writte for (Diablo 3), what the main topic is (season journey), what kind of guide it is (achievement guide) and what specific event it is about (season 4).

3.3 The type of guide

Gosuguids.net currently offers 5 different types of Guides. The classification should help readers to identify the content of the guide prior to reading it.


Fitting colors and short information about the respective types help to classify your guide.

  1. Guide: This suits every detailed or short guide, tutorial, quick tip and information about characters, builds or card decks.
  2. Video: You created a video to guide people or a major part of your guide is a video? Then consider this your category.
  3. Wiki: This category is made for solely informative articles without help or guidance, including lists and collections.
  4. Index: If you created several guides towards a specific topic and you want to combine them in an overview guide, take this category. An example would be “Rexxors top Diablo builds for season 14”
  5. Miscellaneous: Every article that does not fit in any other category.

3.4 Language of the guide

Gosuguides.net is a global gaming community. Therefore guides can be submitted in English, as well as in several other language (like german).


Gosuguides.net offers to create guides in different languages.

The language of your choice also affects the audience that sees your guide primarily.

3.5 Teaser image

Here you can upload a teaser image from your pc. It will be shown as the title picture of your guide on the very top.


As soon as you uploadet a teaser picture, it will be displayed on top of your guide, even already in the creation mode.

You should choose a teaser picture that fits well to your guide, so your readers are attracted to actually read your guide.

Tip: The optimal size for a teaser picture is 1200 x 300 pixels. If it has a different format, it will still be used, but cut at possibly awkward locations.

3.6 The description

The description is another very important part of your guides and it should contain every important messages, that your guide has to offer.

Tip: For ordinary guides a length of 60 to 150 words should be perfect for the description.

An example for a perfect guide description:


3.7 Chapter

Chapter grant your guide structure. Every chapter will automatically add a point in the table of contents on the right hand side. Clicking a chapter in those table of contents, the reader will jump straight to the chapter in the guide. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?


Tip: Try to formulate your chapter titles briefly. An ideal length would be 5 words.

You can add one or more chapters and delete them at will at any point of time. The latter is done via the red minus-symbol, that appears when you hover over a chapter.

You can change the position of your chapter by clicking the arrows at the box that also appears, when you hover over a chapter of your choice.

4. The editor

Each chapter contains an editor. The editor allows you to enter and style content as you wish.


The editor offers many features that help to structure and style your guide.

Using links, titles, colored marking, tables, pictures and even videos increases the lucidity of your guide by a large margin. On top of that the reader is granted valuable extra information and feels good to read your guide.


Tip 1: Avoid long text passages. Make paragraphs and enter fitting pictures to ease your guide.

Tip 2: If a chapter gets a bit longer, use further titles in between. Always start with ‘Title 2’. If you need to split your chapter even more, go down to ‘Title 3’.

Tip 3: Style your article and help your readers to find their way. Make parts of your text bold, if they are more important, and use colors if useful. Be careful, though, your guide should not look like a famous picasso painting, otherwise you will discourage your audience.

Tip 4: Pictures paint a thousand words – try to use pictures at best in every chapter. One picture per chapter can already be enough. The best pictures are those, that help your audience visually to be guided through your article and to have a better understanding.

5. Pictures and videos

There are two possibilities to improve your guide with pictures.

You can upload a picture directly from your pc: just click on the I-button in the toolbar and choose the picture of your choice. It will be uploaded automatically and appear in the article.



Pictures can be uploaded from your pc or integrated via URL

You can integrate a picture from a URL: Just use the picture button in the toolbar and follow the instructions.

6. Save, publish and edit guides

This paragraph tells you all other necessary things you need to know about the Guide system.

6.1 Save guides

Working on a bigger guide may make it impossible to finish it within one session. That is where the save-function strikes. You can save your guide at any time and should do it regularly. If your browser or pc crashes, a guide that hasn’t been saved, is lost.

As soon as you saved your guide, a preview-button will be available on the right hand side of the screen. This button opens up a new browser window and shows, how the current version of the guide would look for any reader, if published.

6.2 Publish guide

After checking your guide for mistakes, you should be ready to publish it. Therefore just click on the “publish”-button on the right hand side.

Usually a guide should be published only when you really think it is ready to be read this way. Once published, feel free to share your guide with friends, public forums, facebook groups, youtube-channels and everywhere else, where you think it could reach people, that need such a guide.

6.3 Find and edit a guide

Everyone overlooks mistakes from time to time or wants to edit in new or other content to an existing guide later on. That is no problem. You can edit your own guides at any point of time. 

As always, on the right hand side you will find a red button with the text “edit”.

An overview about your already published guides and your drafts can be found in your profile. Once logged in at Gosuguides.net, click on “Guides” in the top right corner to get to that overview.


I want to write a guide, but still have questions. Where do I find help?

If you carefully read this article and still have questions, feel free to write us via mail.

While creating my guide I considered a lot of tips you mentioned here, but still it didn’t gain that much attention. What can I do?

If you followed our tips concerning title, description and content, you should try to show your guide to friends, their friends and your guild, if you know they play the same game. Ask them for their opinion on your guide to improve it even further.

If you are convinced you created a solid guide, you can also try to link it in forums, facebook and twitter and present it directly to those, who need it most.#

What is a guide actually?

A “guide” is text (along with pictures and videos), that helps gamers. The bandwith goes from very detailed complete walkthroughs, wire in-depth character guides and tips and tricks, to simple listings (for example the best 10 items for your class XY in game YZ). Your creativity is borderless here. The only thing that matters is, that your submission may help other players, the way of reaching that goal is completely up to you.

I published a video-guide on YouTube. Which information do I enter at Gosuguides.net?

If you published a full video guide, create a guide at Gosuguides.net, enter a solid description and fill the first chapter with 100 to 300 words. Put your video in chapter 1 or 2 afterwards. That way, you will have a good grounding for your video guide, since the text makes it easier accessible by search engines. Besides a guide with very few words next to your video, is always in danger of being deleted.

My guide was altered or deleted. Why?

According to the terms of service we are entitled to take measures to improve guides. That way authors of Gosuguides.net edit out mistakes, improve titles or alter text passages. Guides will be only deleted, when they offend our terms of service and / or fall short of our quality standards in an extreme way.