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Diablo III Necromancer “Bones of Rathma” Set Dungeon Guide


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The new Diablo 3 necromancer DLC added some necromancer sets of course. As always, sets come along with specific set dungeons, that players are challenged to complete. Same is true for Diablo 3s necromancer.

In this short guide I want to show how to complete the set dungeon for the set “Bones of Rathma”. It is actually one of the easiest Set Dungeons in Diablo 3 and can be done just with the set without any additional specific items.

What is a set dungeon?

Have a look in our big Diablo 3 set dungeon guide, where we gathered all the information necessary to fully understand set dungeons and their background.

Location of Rathma Set Portal

The Diablo 3 Set Portal leading to the Rathma Set Dungeon can be found at the sacred Path in Act 2. 

Take the waypoint "Temple of the firstborn Level 1" and walk straight back through the door. You now enter the sacred path. Walk it backwards until you stumble over the entrance to the set dungeon for Rathmas Set.

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The tasks in the set dungeon

The following tasks have to be fulfilled in order to complete the "Bones of Rathma" Diablo 3 set dungeon:

As always and with all the other set dungeons, you need to kill all monsters within the time limit and one objective to complete the set dungeon. If you want to master it, you need to complete both Diablo 3 objectives in addition to all monsters within the set time limit.

The difference between mastering and just completing the set dungeon is explained in another guide.

The skeletal mage task

Completing this task in the Bones of Rathma Diablo 3 set dungeon is pretty easy. Even without any further helpful items, you can just spam Siphon Blood - Purify of Essence on the opponents and spawn skeletal mages while doing so. 

Just make sure you use a skeletal mage rune that does not use up your complete essence. You need to be able to cast a lot of skeletons, so you need a lot of essence, if you choose such a rune. 

Besides you can also try to finish this task right at the beginning of the set dungeon by casting more skeletal mages than you actually need. But keep in mind: skeletal mages are the tool to increase your damage with the "Bones of Rathma" set, so you will cast them anyway in the later stages of the set dungeon.

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When you cast more than 10, the 1st will be killed and a new one appears, which also adds to your number of summoned skeletal mages for the set dungeon. 

There are some helpful tools though, that you can use:

  • CIRCLE OF NAILUJ'S EVOL, a ring that summons two skeletal mages when normally just one would be summoned. In addition to that they last longer, although this could be even bad for the other challenge (next chapter)



Army of the dead task

To be honest, this task seems broken and bugged. When I tried the set dungeon, I had several instances, when the timer just went up without doing anything. You can see it in the video above. 

That means, that I really can't say that much concerning how to deal with this task. If the bug is still active, you will just manage to deal with it automatically.

If the bug is not active anymore, there are some tricks that come to my mind, how to deal with the challenge. You will want to have as much cooldown reduction as possible to get to 500 seconds.

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Keep in mind there are abilities for the necromancer, that reduce your cooldowns, such as the passive "Spreading malediction" and the curse "Decrepify - Borrowed Time". 

With items like In-Geom and Ring of the Zodiac you will be able to reduce cooldowns even further.

Also keep in mind that you have to cast army of the dead in order to have its cooldown reduced. Nothing will be reduced as long as it is ready to activate. It is a good idea to cast it as soon as the set dungeon starts.

Recommended skills

I used the following skillset, when I tackled the "Bones of Rathma" set dungeon:

  • Siphon Blood - Purity of Essence
    • Helps to get a lot of essence for skeletal mages in short time. You can even cast this non stop while casting skeletal mages
  • Revive - Purgatory
    • More revives means more minions that attack enemies and lower the cooldown of army of the dead. This rune makes sure that you always have the maximum amount of revives
  • Command Skeletons
    • Rune doesnt matter
  • Army of the Dead
    • Rune doesnt matter
  • Skeletal Mage - Skeleton Archer
    • A rune that does some good single target damage for the big beasts and increases your attack speed. Perfect for this set dungeon.
  • Frailty - Harvest Essence
    • Because of the bug with Army of the Deads cooldown, I don't need Decrepify with the Cooldown reduction rune. This Frailty rune is a good essence generator.

Those are the passives I used:

  • Eterntal torment
    • I use Frailty a lot, and this saves essence
  • Fueled by death
    • Increases movement speed in between packs
  • Extended Servitude
    • Longer Revives and Skeleton mages
  • Blood is power
    • Reduces army of the dead further 24 seconds just like that

Recommended items

Well, you just need all 6 pieces of "Bones of Rathma", or 5 pieces and the ring of royal grandeur, that you get from Horadric Caches out of Act 1. Besides that, no other items are really necessary. Have a look at the specific challenges above, there I name a few items that are helpful.

Video mastering the Set Dungeon

This is me mastering the set dungeon. Kepe in mind that the army of the dead challenge was bugged in my case, no matter how often I tried the set portal.


More questions?

If you have more questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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