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PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Sound optimization guide (plane more quiet, steps louder!)

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This guide describes, how to optimize Playerunknown Battlegrounds acoustics that way, that planes, buggies and shootings from close range are limited in their volumes, but important sounds like steps from nearby enemies are raised.

Why is this a thing?

Playerunknowns Battleground is extremely dependant of sounds, which is the reason why every semi-seriously playing gamer should use a headset when playing the game. Far too often the infamous "Chicken Dinner" is handed to those, who manage to localize shots precisely and change their strategy according to that, or that a player hears exactly if a player enters the house he sits hin.

PUBG has one problem, and that is, that its distribution of quiet and loud sounds is extremely wide. The plane at the beginning of the game makes you cringe and hit Strg + M for muting as fast as possible, while steps of nearby opponents are extremely quiet. The latter forces the player of PUBG to have maximum volume at any sacrifice. You know the sacrifice once you experienced a close-range shooting with machine guns.

How to do the trick

The keyword in reaching our aim is: compression.

Compression means, that the range between loudest and most quiet sound is reduced. The sickest approach would be, that absolutely every single sound heard is brought to an equal number, so for example the most quiet sounds are brought up to 50 dB, while the loudest sounds are reduced to 50 dB.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to compress the PUBG sounds (attention: you need to install two applications!)

  1. download and install the program Voicemeeter Banana:
  2. Download and install the program VB Cable:
  3. Restart your computer
  4. open your sound devices (right click on the volume speaker tray icon and open the list of your sound devices)
  5. Choose "Cable Input" as standard device
  6. Now you can already test if you made a mistake until this point. Play something with sound. You should NOT hear something, but the volume level of "Cable Input" in your devices list should go up and down, just like this:
    In Original-Größe anzeigen
  7. Open Voicemeeter Banana
  8. Click on "Hardware Input 1" on the left hand side
  9. Select "KS: VB-Audio Point"
  10. Click on "A1" on the right hand side
  11. Select the "KS:" with your original audio device behind it. For me my headphones, that I want to use with PUBG are "USB Audio", so I selected "KS: USB Audio."

    If you cannot find any "KS:" with your prefered audio device, select the "WDM" alternative with your prefered device instead.
  12. Now you should hear sound through your audio device. If not, you made a mistake.
  13. Above the "Fader gain" on the left side you will find two round meters. The left is for compression, the one we need.
  14. Play with the left meter as much as you want. Putting it to 1-2, will change something within the peaks of PUBGs audio, between 5 and 10 will increase the effect even more. I recommend 1-2, so you can still hear how far a shot is away.

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What is the downside?

The flipside of the compression is, the more you compress a sound, of course the less information is deleted from the sound. If a shot in PUBG is 300 or 400 meters away, is not just told by the way the shot sounds, but also by the volume of it. 

That is the reason, why i prefer just a compression of 1-2. It makes the plane and close range shootings more acceptable, it increases the volume of players walking nearby, but still keeps a reasonable range of volume, so you can still determine where approximately a shot came from.

Is this legal?

Yes, completely. Why? Because you simply use the output signal of your computer and change it up. You don't even touch PUBG at all, because the compression is all done after PUBG spits the sound out. 

Basically it is like you put a cable into your headphone-slot, that runs through a hardware compressor, back into your microphone slot and out of another headphone-slot, where you actually listen to what you've done. The only difference here is, that you did it all via software.


If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Credits of this tip go to this video: 


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Will this process still work, even if my headset/microphone uses 3.5 mm jack and not a usb port?


I’m in the same boat


I dont like complicated stuff so tell me . Is sound booster like letasoft legal? yes or no?